Saturday, October 17, 2009

Update on Greta's Surgery--success!

Here is the email I received this morning frm my friend Cindy:

Dear Friends,
Greta did great! Sorry for the delay on how she is, but I didn't get in until after 10 pm last night. Myself and another friend went up to be with [Greta's parents] during the surgery yesterday. There ended up being a big mix up and her surgery didn't start until after noon, but on the positive side the surgery ended up taking around 2 and a half hours, which was half the time he expected it to.
[The surgeon] actually had to go all the way up to her ear and even kind of lay her ear back to find the end of that extra tube that was causing her problems. But he did find the whole thing and removed it, he then had to do a little bit of reconstructing, but nothing major and won't really be noticable, especially as she grows over the years. He said it was basically like having an extra ear canal that she didn't need. The facial nerve was still intact and as he stimulated it higher up it responded very well, as he went a little further down the response was a little slow, so he said she could have a little facial paralysis, but it shouldn't last more than two weeks.
She looked great when I saw her last night, I noticed that when she smiled the edge of her mouth was a little droopy, but it was barely noticable. It was a little hard to see such a sweet little thing laying there in that hospital bed hooked up to those tubes. If things continue as they are she should get to come home this evening, which was earlier than they expected. So all in all it was a blessed day and [Greta's family] are very thankful for the prayers. May God reward you for your prayers and concern for Greta and her family.
God bless,

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