Thursday, October 22, 2009

Small Successes--vol. 40

It has been a crazy week. And it just keeps getting crazier. The kids are acting the way they do in February, when they've been locked up in the house for two months and the joys of the holidays are but a distant memory, and now that we have a nice, new fridge, the well pump keeps shutting down on us. The electrician is coming out in the morning to see if it may be a wiring problem.

Anyway, a week like this means that getting just about anything done at all can be counted as a success. And not doing certain things may be counted as well, as in:

1) I did not ditch the family, pack a duffel bag and book a flight to a beach resort in Costa Rica (too selfish);

2) I did not get drunk and beat the kids (too boorish);

3) I did not tear my garments and heap ashes upon my head (too impractical/untidy).

On the flip-side, I did take the baby out for a little jaunt around the house for fresh air in the breezy, 70-degree weather this afternoon; I did have some fun playing some geography games with the kids on the computer and I did order a few things for Christmas.

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  1. hmm, my baby is 4 months old and she doesn't roll over. I thought that was a 4-6 month developmental milestone.

    She does her darndest to sit up, though!

    Fenugreek will help milk supply and l-carnitine and zinc will help energy.

  2. You see, Milehi? This is why I hate "well visits" and haven't been to one in years. I'm fine until some person in the medical establishment says, "Hmmm...isn't the baby doing this yet?


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