Monday, October 26, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook for October 26th

Outside my window…6:18 and 39 degrees. Dark, but for a faint ribbon of light on the eastern horizon.

I am thinking…about the week ahead, as always, but also about the lovely autumn day we had yesterday. With all the rain, we haven't had much opportunity to enjoy the fall colors, but yesterday was sunny and the hour-long ride to Mass was just beautiful!

I am thankful for…a network of friends and family who pray for me when I need it. I am entering this week feeling so much stronger than I did last week.

From the kitchen...I think it will be the Raisin Bran Muffins again, but with blueberries and yogurt on the side.

I am creating…I finished all the pieces for Una's sweater yesterday! Now I need to steam-block them so that I can seam them. I hate seaming, because I am not very good at it. But I am excited about the prospect of getting this finished so that I can start on one of the many other things I can't wait to knit!

I am readingthis very nice book I found at the library. And skimming through this one, too. I recommend them both!

I am renew my resolution to strive for peace and holiness in my home. Dominic is such a hyper kid that he really needs everyone around him to remain calm, otherwise there is chaos and he gets the whole house into an uproar. So I need to look at him as a messenger from God--this relates to the homily I heard yesterday--and let him teach me how to be gentle and peaceful, even when it seems impossible to do so!

I am hearing…the washing machine agitating away...

A few plans for the rest of the week: Now that the kids know most of the countries in Asia, we will concentrate on a few of them. I don't think I can be as thorough as my friend Marilyn, as I am rather short on resources (our local library had only 3 kids books on China!!!), but if the kids learn enough to know something about each place and recall it at the end of the year, I'll count it as a success. Online geography games have been a great hit.

I also need to decide what I'm baking for the holidays, and start making cookie dough. I try to do several a week and freeze the dough, than just before Christmas I start thawing and baking in a frenzy, usually to the music of the Nutcracker Suite. Since I almost never bake cookies at any other time of the year, the kids get very excited.

And I need to continue my Christmas shopping. I know that the great sales are after Thanksgiving, but I can't bear the rush. For my peace of mind, I need to be done with the shopping by then!

I am last week,for strength and patience and calm as we move into this crazy time of year. I so want each week to have some really joyful moments during school, not just after.

Picture Thought: The new piggies. Actually, the two larger ones are for a friend who is going to raise them for his 4H project. Ours is the runt in the middle. We have a family tradition of raising runts. It's because we usually let the kids pick the pigs out and they always go for the "cute little one." This one has been named Sue Ann, after Arnold Ziffel's girlfriend in an episode of Green Acres. My own choice for a name was "Dinner" but the kids won out again...

Now you can check out Peggy's Simple Woman's Daybook for more entries, or add your own. Have a blessed week!


  1. Have a blessed week.

    Please share your cookie recipes with me - I will only be baking in Advent - no way as organized as you with freezing.

    Maybe we can do a virtual cookie exchange and swap recipes.

  2. You sound well. It must feel good to know people... even strangers... are praying for you!

    I think we are alike in our desire to have our Christmas shopping done early. I try to pick up things during the year, which are on clearance or are sale items, in order to be done prior to Thanksgiving (at the latest!). It helps to keep me calm during a very busy time of year and makes it easier to celebrate Advent with my children as well as visit with family and friends.

    I wish I knew how to knit and sew. I am a leftie, which made it difficult for my mother to teach me such things. I can see now what it must have been like for her as all seven of my kids are right-handed (I was hoping the baby might be a leftie, but she is favoring her right hand as well). But, I do love to bake and am pretty good at it ;)... I would love for you to post your cookie recipes!

    Have a good week... JMJ

  3. I am a self-taught leftie, Annita, or more likely ambidexterous, as I do a number of things right handed (knitting is one of them). My dad and paternal grandfather are lefties, and so was my husband's dad, but so far all of mine are right-handed.

  4. The pigs are so cute. The children must love them. Freezing cookies. That's a great idea. I love just plain frosted Christmas cookies. It must be wonderful to be able to make a sweater. I hope you take a picture of it to share. Have a blessed week, Doylene

  5. cute. cute piggies.
    you naughty mama, wanting to name one dinner.
    why not bacon. or pork chop.
    i wish i could eat the gentle art of domesticity, digest it and quickly crank out tons of exquisitely, lovely projects.
    that's how i feel about that!
    sounds like you are doing better.
    so glad.

    cyber hugs.

  6. What a great idea to freeze the dough ahead of time. My only problem would be sneaky tastes, by Christmas season I would have eaten all the cookies!
    I love the new look. Very cute.

  7. Hey the blog looks great and those little piggies are soooooo cute!

    Dominic sounds a little like my 3rd son, who is mister dramatic.


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