Friday, October 9, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday--Volume 54--The Really Late Edition

Ran errands for six hours today. When you live thirty minutes from anywhere and go into town only once a week, you tend to lump as many errands together as possible. And the kids go with us. By age five they've accumulated more travel miles than a few National Geographic photographers.

We dropped Una off at a friend's so that she could attend a slumber party tonight. When I called the mother to thank her for the invitation, and to tell her how excited Una was, she said that her own girls were "whipped to a froth" about it. Expressions of this sort just make me want to kiss the Tennessee soil upon which I tread. Language is a banquet, and the South is full of tasty morsels.

I am appalled by Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize. I am incredulous. And I wish that I, too, could get a prize and over a million bucks for something I plan to do, but haven't done yet.

Adrian only recently found out that boys and girls are anatomically different (apparently he thought it was all in the hair and clothing before). When Una and I both refused his request to "see" next time we bathe, I told him that he could watch me change Gemma's diaper. His reaction to seeing the difference? A slightly horrified look and the word, "Scary!" You know, with all the farm animals, you would think it wouldn't take nearly 5 years for him to notice the difference between a cow and a bull...

Best thing I've done all week: a friend told me that another friend has printed out ejaculatory prayers on paper and put them on the fronts of the shelves inside her kitchen cabinets, so that every time she opens a cabinet, she says the prayer. These indulgenced prayer can really add up throughout the day. My own cabinets are pretty ratty, so I dispensed with the labels and just took a Sharpie to the shelves. What a great idea! I have prayed countless prayers this week.

Adrian fell in the schoolroom this morning and got a lump the size of a golf ball on his forehead. I wanted to take a picture of it, but he wouldn't let me. Ice packs and arnica didn't do much for it, and it is turning sort of green and purple now. Thank goodness he has bangs...

I am yawning, and ready for bed. Gemma, it seems, is not. She doesn't want to sleep unless I am lying beside her, nursing her. This is hard on me, as those 30-60 minutes or so before I go to bed are often the only time I get to myself other than the 30-60 minutes I get when I first wake up. It's time to knit, read and/or pray. But she is still hollering for me as I write, and so I'm off to be her pacifier.

Jen is on a computer hiatus and didn't do a Seven Quick Takes herself. So I'll dispense with the usual ending. G'night!


  1. writing on the cupboards, eh? why what a lovely idea! just forego they typing and printing and all that nonsense!
    just hope the kids don't follow suit. one time i painted on their walls and then they thought this gave them license to paint the walls and my husband replied, "they see you doing it all the time, so what do you expect?" he was right.
    and i enjoyed your quick takes. the bumps bruises and southern speaking references. you are a GEM!

    have a blessed weekend dear lady!

  2. Yes, I have holy pictures in all the cabinets, and pictures of Mother Theresa in the bathrooms near the toilets. From what I'm told she cleaned the toilets all the time. So as a bend to clean I say a prayer to Mother Theresa.
    And picture of Jesus near the sink, as the saying I have also hear, Jesus can be found in the pots and pans. LOL

    Jennifer Lee

  3. I love the cabinet idea! I have holy cards next to our light switches (the laminated ones so they are protected from grubby little hands).

    I hope Adrian's bump is better.

    I love the "whipped to a froth" phrase...just might have to use that one someday and impress my friends. Then I can tell them that I got it from your lovely blog!

    I hope you get some rest. I am off to do my own pacifier duty for Rose.



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