Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Prayers, please.

Marilyn's little son, Michael, has been unable to hold anything down since Sunday morning. It got worse yesterday, and he has been prescribed Zofran. If it doesn't work, he will have to be hospitalized. His baby sister, Anna Grace, is at risk as well.

And while you are praying for them, say a little prayer for Melissa, the friend of a friend who is being hospitalized along with her newborn (her tenth child) with the flu. The rest of the family has already had it.


  1. Consider it done! Hope they're all well soon!

  2. Dear Nadja - you are a good friend - thanks for the prayers. It has been a very long day - but we managed to keep Mikey out of the hospital - the Zofran worked in that he was able to take a little fluid at a time and keep it. He still has gastro symptoms - but is definitely perking up - we were so worried this morning. He is just so skinny right now it is so sad. Anna is her smiling little self - please keep praying she avoids it.

    Hugs and thanks

  3. will pray.
    we haven't officially started flu season yet, but i suppose it is just around the corner.
    i feel for all of you mamas with new babies.
    i remember how scary it is.


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