Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Smile! And a visit from Oma

And here she is with my mother, "Oma" to the kids.


  1. My kids call my mom Oma too :) My Oma (my Mom's mom) is from Germany. My mom spent most of her childhood living in Germany. (My mom was and has always been a US citizen because my grandfather was a US solider and they lived on based in Germany). My Oma didn't become a US citizen until I was in high school, but she could live here because of her marriage to my grandfather.

    So as a way to help remember that heritage we call my grandma Oma and my kids call my mom Oma. I'm hoping that my kids will carry that on. (Of course I'm hoping that it will be 30 years from now LOL)

  2. I'm drooling. Well, maybe not drooling, but whatever it is that happens when a mama is baby starved.

    She's BEAUTIFUL!!


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