Monday, September 7, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook for September 7th

Outside my window…5:59 and 65 degrees. Dark and wet, as a thunderstorm just passed through.

I am thinking…About school. Yes, we are laboring on Labor Day. I am adding the spelling programs to our curriculum this week, and hoping to do a better job of things this week than in the first two.

I am thankful for…Gemma sleeping better these days. It means she is up more during the day, but at least she isn't going to sleep at midnight! Last night she was a little congested, but for the most part she slept well for the fourth night in a row.

From the kitchen...Banana nut muffins and yogurt with blueberries.

I am creating…Una's sweater. Nearly done with the back. It is a lovely deep red that is perfect for autumn and winter.

I am reading… other than my Bible, I have been reading the library books I checked out on Australia (for geography) and ancient Egypt (for history).

I am hoping...for a productive week with time for some of the fun stuff!

I am hearing…the dryer (no hanging out laundry today!) and Sebastian turning the pages of a book in the livingroom.

A few plans for the rest of the week: make a fresh batch of play-dough and a couple of gallons of laundry soap; give Bret and Sebastian haircuts; bake a cake for the Blessed Mother's birthday tomorrow.

I am praying...for my sister's various challenges right now; for my friend Cindy, who is pregnant and whose family just got over a horrendous intestinal virus (two bathrooms can never be enough when 11 people are ill!); for God's will to be done in our home and for a spirit of joy and peace in our family. The bickering in this house between siblings is more stressful to me than just about anything else.

A Picture Thought: Gemma napping on the bed while I was tidying the bedroom. Aren't tiny baby fingers just the sweetest thing?Take a look at what others are doing in their daybooks at Peggy's.


  1. Another lovely picture - give her a great big hug and kiss from me.

    No school today - Dad is off - but I have been "laboring" all weekend - have done all the seasonal changeovers, figured out who needs what etc - such a hard task as we have so little space and I try to have just one church outfit and a couple of dailies as the boys have one drawer each.

    Today is stock day - I am making big pots of beef and chicken stock and freezing in case we get hit with illness. Also planning the next week of school.

    Bickering upsets me too - I read somewhere that when people comment that our homeschooled children lack socialization and will never be able to get on with others in the real world, we should tell them that children who can get on with their siblings will be able to get on with anyone else!!

  2. Dear Nadja,
    Gemma is so sweet.
    I also find it upsetting when the children bicker.

    i would like to know how you make laundry soap. It is something I ahve always wanted to do. Any chance for the receipe?

  3. Reminded me that I should try to cut Honey Bear's hair today, also.

    Enjoyed your daybook.
    Mama Bear

  4. i always enjoy your daybook. your life seems so peaceful and sweet. and then there are those darling baby fingers.....wish i could stop by, have a muffin and smooch those fingers!
    have a blessed week! it doesn't seem like a monday to me....


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