Friday, September 18, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday--volume 51

We are blowing off school this morning, as we will be having friends over. Wish me luck--it's been raining for days and I'm hoping that we can keep eleven kids entertained in some peaceful and non-destructive ways today!

This friend who is coming said, when I excused in advance my messy house (I only find time to clean on Saturdays), that an indication of true friendship is not sweating over such things in the presence of a friend. She said she would feel honored if my house was to be messy when she comes. Well, here's hoping she really feels the love when her shoes stick to my kitchen floor or her baby finds fuzzy Cheerios to eat beneath the furniture...

We made our bi-monthly trip to the library yesterday and I actually made it into the adult section for the very first time. I couldn't find anything to read, other than a book on hair-cutting at home, which I already do, but I'm sure there's room for improvement.

Crow was on the menu last night...
Have you ever accused your child of something awful and then gotten the whole story and realized that they were doing just the opposite of what you thought? If not, you probably won't have a clue as to what I'm talking about. It's like seeing two people thrashing in the water and thinking that one is trying to drown the other when really the one is attempting to rescue the other from drowning. Let's just say that I have learned a valuable lesson, the crux of which is: keep your great, big mouth shut until you can interrogate the witnesses and have all the facts.

I need my carpets cleaned. The bottoms of my feet are black, and I haven't been outside with bare feet at all this week. Yuck.

We stopped by the plain folks (Old World Mennonites) yesterday on our way to the library. The men and boys were out with carts and horse teams bringing in the sorghum cane. We stopped by the Habeggers for the gallon of honey we had ordered and chatted a while with Mrs. Habegger. The children are all so lovely and sweet, the little girls with their blue day dresses, white caps and bare feet. One of them, Marian, who is about Dominic's age, stole my heart. At first she was so shy and clung to her mother's skirt. She broke into tears when Bret spoke to her. But after about fifteen minutes of us chatting with her mother, she came up to me smiling and holding her untied cap strings between her fingers. She smiled as I stooped to tie them for her. Her little smiling face beneath the white cap just made my day.

Looking forward to the old version of Cheaper by the Dozen coming in from Netflix today. Good Friday evening family viewing!

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  1. LOVE Cheaper by the Dozen! The old one is the gold standard.

    "Oh these aren't so many. You should see the ones I left at home!" :)

  2. I'm afraid I know only to well number 4. In fact I can be a slow learner.


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