Friday, August 28, 2009

St. Augustine and St. Monica

I didn't have a chance to post much yesterday. It was the nameday of my friend Cindy's fourth daughter and feast of my sister's confirmation saint. A saint for all mothers, but especially for mothers of wayward children. St. Augustine attributed his conversion in largest part to the constant, unwavering prayers of his holy mother. A mother's prayers and tears do penetrate the heart of God.

St. Augustine is one of my mother's favorite saints and patrons, and one of my nephews has him as a patron as well. I read his Confessions during my conversion process and they had a great influence on me. They spoke to me across the centuries in a voice that was at times almost conversational, as though he was speaking directly to me (oh, the wonder of writing!). I also found in it some of the most beautiful aspirations, a favorite being

"Lord, grant that I may always love You; then do with me what You will."

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  1. Monica and Augustine are two of my favorites too!

    Hugs and happy weekend!


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