Monday, July 27, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook for July 27th

Outside my window…66 degrees and overcast. We are expecting a lot of rain later this week, so I need to hang laundry out today.

I am thinking…about school, still a month away, but looming ominously. I so wish I had a background in education so that I could feel a bit more competent. Better yet, I wish I had a full housekeeping staff, so that I could just concentrate on school and being Mommy!

I am thankful for…Gemma sleeping as well as she does. And the many friends near and far who have been so kind--bringing meals, offering to take the kids, sending diapers and pretty pink things and chocolate. I am indeed very blessed.

From the kitchen...I haven't a clue. Maybe Baked Oatmeal with cream.

I am creating…nearly done with the second wool soaker. I am getting close to the end of the yarn, too...the suspense of whether or not I'll have enough to finish is killing me...

I am reading… Consecration to Mary according to Louis de Monfort and another old book on the Blessed Mother.

I am hoping…to make progress with the lesson plans and to enjoy the next four weeks of summer before settling into school.

I am hearing…Gabriel and Adrian as they play.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Clean up my workroom a bit, sew a little cushion using Una's embroidery for its center, work on Thank You notes and lesson plans.

I am praying...for peace to descend upon this house, and for more work for Bret so that he can remain close to home. And, in this period of re-consecration to Mary, for a deeper devotion to her.

A Picture Thought: Gemma (who else?) wearing a dress which I wore as a newborn. My recently deceased grandmother had purchased it on one of her trips to Paris. Girl-babies are so much fun to dress! Peggy is back, so visit her for more Simple Woman's Daybook entries.


  1. Gemma is so gorgeous - they look so peaceful when sleeping.

    Have a lovely week.

    God Bless,
    Elena :)

  2. Gemma looks like a doll in the picture. I had to look twice to see she was real. How precious. I remember the days I was thankful for a well resting baby.
    Blessings this week.
    She is so beautiful and peacful looking

  3. Dear Nadja,
    I also love dressing little girls. There is so much more "scope for the imagination" so to speak.
    I love the dress you wore as a baby. how lovely to have that special dress all the way from France.
    God Bless

  4. Such a beautiful daughter.
    I believe that in every grandmother's heart is the hope that her great granddaughter will one day be touched by her presence. How wonderful it is that your daughter has that lovely dress to wear.

    Thank you for sharing your Daybook and for letting us know that Peggy is back. I'll spread the word!

  5. Gemma is so adorable and looks like your other children, I think. What a sweet photo of her.

  6. I find that I simple cannot remember a word of your post now that I see this picture!! I am so glad a blessing such as this belongs to someone who appreciates her! (really awesomely cool dress too-hang it in her room on a pretty hanger later-too special to pack away)

  7. what a darling dress.
    she looks like she is totally enjoying her princess status. she is the new baby. constantly photographed. wearer of fine clothes imported from paris. contentedly full of milk with traces of chocolate flavor. sprawling on beautiful flower sheets....not only do i want gemma, i want to BE gemma!
    blessings to you friend.


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