Friday, July 10, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday--volume 41

My big girl really needs a little sister, and I for one am happy to be able to finally oblige her. Yesterday she was running a "Spa" in the playroom, and painting her brothers' finger and toenails.

Gabriel lost his first tooth the night before last and is about to loose the second any day now. So, this is how years of orthodontia begin...

Three of my boys are still in desperate need of haircuts. I am so glad to be having another girl. I love making pigtails and braids almost as much as I hate cutting hair.

What is this with having morning sickness in the third trimester? My sister has had it twice before, but this is a first for me. Here I am, days from giving birth, and right now I'm not sure whether I want to eat or throw up.

My midwife is coming today, and I am wondering if there has been any change since Monday. I don't hit 38 weeks until next Tuesday, but all five of my babies have been born during that week, so of course I am getting a little bit antsy.

I was running out to bring the cordless phone to Bret yesterday and stepped on a bee or wasp. That makes six of us in two weeks. Usually we have one sting all summer long, so this is borderline weird.

My complete lack of humility is showing itself in the fact that I feel somewhat bummed by the lack of comments I have had on the blog this week. Is that pathetic or what? After all, I started this blog to keep up with friends and family--not for ego gratification.

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  1. I read your blog a lot but don't always comment, but you do have fans!

    I always got sick in the 3rd trimester. One doctor told me it was because the baby was pushing on my stomach and forcing the acids up - like a reflux issue. Not sure if he was correct, but at the time it made sense.

  2. My theory about sickness right before baby is due is that your body is trying to keep itself relatively 'empty' before going thru the trials of labor. TMI? :)

    I feel the same way about comments! It absolutely makes my DAY when I get any comment at all, but when they're absent? Sad. Lonely.

    Hope you have a great weekend of relaxing before the baby gets here :)

  3. Dear Nadja- I had the throwing up in the last few weeks too. It was so nice to be able to eat everything once Anna arrived.

    I am sorry I am not commenting or emailing much - Anna is a peach but needs a lot of holding and cuddling - and then Michael has increased the number of times he has to go to the potty(esp when I am nursing or holding Anna!) and life is crazy.

    As for humility - I have a great quote I want to put on my blog - about the one thing common to all saints is that they were humble. Well my friend - maybe I am getting closer to being a saint - have I had to learn a lot of humility in the last few days!!!

    I am getting so excited for you - Michael's birthday is on the 13th - it would be cool to shoot for this day! And he would be 2 years older than Gemma - some good Catholic matchmaking possiblities there - though my friend Diana and I have been making plans for Michael and her daughter Lily who is a month or so younger than Mike!

    Please let me know when stuff starts happening so I can light the candle and start praying.

    Hugs and hugs

  4. A quick hello, dear Nadja, from an equally busy mom!!

    You are in no way pathetic...we all like to hear from our friends, from time to time...

    Praying for a safe delivery, healthy baby and happy family...

  5. I've been getting sick here at the end too! This is my 3rd pregnancy and I don't recall getting too nauseous during the final stretch with my first two, but who knows... Hope it eases up for you! (P.S. I have a Gabriel too! :)

  6. Oh, you are all so kind...look how you all come running to pat me on the back when I whine about having no comments...!

  7. Marilyn,
    No humility without humiliation, is what I always say.

  8. Awww, here's a comment for ya!

    And when are we going to see YOUR 3rd trimester belly shot? You made me do it... LOL!

  9. Well, Milehimama, I'll try to get one of the kids to take a shot of me in profile today with the wide angle lens...


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