Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gemma is Baptised

With many thanks to my dear mom, who kept snapping away on the camera, all the while lamenting that she really couldn't see anything and hoped that a couple of photos would be alright. Her reward for such diligence is that I forgot to get a photo of her holding Gemma at the fact, she didn't even get to hold Gemma at the baptism.

Mea maxima culpa. I hate the postpartum fog. God, I know, will forgive me. I hope mom will, too!


  1. Beautiful pictures - hope you had a blessed day.

  2. Beautiful! And brings back happy memories of our day at St. Helen's. When Juliana was baptized, I forgot to ask anyone to take photos and so we have none at all. Oops.

  3. Welcome to the family, child of God!


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