Friday, June 19, 2009

The New Porker

This is the new piggie, Cookie.She looks a lot like J.P., our last piggie, and in fact she, like he, is another runt and came to us from the same Mennonite farmer (on a side note, one of our friends suggested we call this one "J.P. II", but I try not to use Christian names or those of candidates for canonization when I can help it).

She has already managed to escape her pen, which doesn't seem to be much of a problem right now since she follows the cows wherever they go.
Our heifer, Naomi, seems to be tolerating her ugly foster-child pretty well. Cookie, being still a baby, gets tired of following and flops down in the grass while Naomi grazes. Then Cookie, being still a baby, falls fast asleep. When she awakens she is in a total panic to find her "Mommy". Thank goodness the cows have bells on them...


  1. what great pictures of your sweet many ways i so envy your farm lifestyle/vocation. but for the record, i willingly accept that it is not where God, in HIS infinite wisdome put me. but a girl can dream, right..... :)

  2. I just love the look of your location - everything looks so fresh and green. (sigh)
    Tracy (Australia)

  3. Hi, Tracy! Yes, we've had a good bit of rain this year. By this time last year, a real drought year, everything was getting pretty crisp.

    It's winter down under, isn't it?

  4. That is SOOOO cute! I love the name too--sweet little Cookie-or is it Crispy Cookie? LOL


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