Friday, June 26, 2009

Jumping on the "7 Quick Takes" bandwagon...

...because it takes the pain out of posting. I can rely on someone else to cleverly come up with a topic, and on Fridays, this will be it (unless I am struck with a bolt of inspiration). So without further ado:1) Pretty much everything is about getting ready for the baby right now. I'm eager to have her on the outside of me because even with the adjusting to "The New Normal" and all-night nursing marathons, I tend to feel much better when I don't have my stomach, liver and lungs all sharing the same small space beneath my collarbone.

2) On the same note, I am actually getting excited about using cloth diapers for the first time. The decision to do so was completely based on financial considerations, as Bret has been self-employed since the lay-off back in February; nevertheless, I am looking at the stack of soft, white Chinese prefolds and Proraps covers and picturing myself putting them on a tiny baby girl. I am sure the romance with the diapers will end within the first few additional loads of laundry...

3) We are in the throes of potty-training Dominic, who will be three in August, but who, of all my children, has shown the least interest in being a "Big Kid". He is perfectly contented to remain the baby of the family, and there is little doubt that he will adamantly cling to his subordinate position even after Gemma's arrival. There are just too many perks to being the family pet. I fear that his demotion will cause a bit of an upheaval in the household. How's the potty-training going? He loves the underwear, but he is not put off by wearing them wet...

4) It is hot. It is 6:30 a.m. and 80 degrees. By the time it hits 90 degrees it feels like a sauna outside. I try to get by with ceiling fans until we begin to melt around midday. I have a very narrow comfort zone, temperature-wise, like between 65 and 75 degrees. What has been described in my sister, who suffers the same, as being "thermally challenged".

5) Both my paternal grandparents are in bad shape. My grandmother is dying of lung cancer, which has now spread to her esophagus and there isn't much to be done at this point other than trying to keep her comfortable. My grandfather is having kidney problems and severe anemia. They keep giving him blood, and yet they can't figure out where it is going since he doesn't seem to have any internal bleeding. No, no marks on the neck, either. When you read this, please say a quick "Ave" for them.

6) Still struggling to find a middle name for Gemma, and hoping God will give one to her. Jen's story of how her Catherine "Joy" was named is awesome, do read it. Hmm...Gemma Magdalena (hoping she will be born or baptised on my confirmation saint's feast)? Gemma Seraphina? Gemma Sophia? Time to hit the Is It a Saint's Name booklet from TAN again...

7) I'm going grocery shopping this weekend and planning to cook up/make up stuff to stick in the freezer next week. If any of you have suggestions for good family-friendly freezer meals, I will be needing them soon! I live in the sticks, so forget anything that requires exotic ingredients. And we're on a budget, so as much as I love imported cheeses and mahi-mahi, I won't be looking at those types of recipes, either! You can email them to me at nadjamagdalena-at-gmail-dot-com.

Read Jen's Conversion Diary (it is really great) and then post your own 7 Quick Takes.


  1. 2. I'm hoping that by the time the next baby rolls around, I'll have worked up the courage for cloth diapers. I'm really interested, therefore really hopeful.

    4. I have the same temperature comfort zone. You are a champ for using the ceiling fans as long as you can!

    5. I lost my grandma to lung cancer in May. My prayers are with you - it's not easy, but you already know that. Talk to them as much as you can, and don't take any chance for granted to visit just one minute longer.

  2. Gemma KAtherine? G.K.?

    Gemma Philomena?

    Gemma Louise?

    Gemma Claire?

    Thinking of you

  3. I just got a set of newborn wraps and diapers in for Alianna - it seems a little silly to START cloth diapering w/ #8 though! LOL!

    My go-to recipes for freezer meals are lasagna, meatloaf, meatballs, and enchiladas. But those are all oven meals and now it's too hot to turn on the stove, so we've been having a lot of stir fry and crockpot meals.

    Gemma is my confirmation saint!

  4. Our Corbyn was almost 3 years old when Arwen was born. He had no trouble being the big brother rather than the baby. Lots of people said he would find if difficult having been the baby so long, it is our largest gap between babies.
    Untill our last 2 babies I have always used cloth nappies, but with strict water restrictions I hav been using disposible nappies. I think people do not consider the water usage in both cleaning up after the dirty nappies, then nappy buckets and then washing.
    Do what ever you feel is best for your family right now.
    God Bless

  5. We have well-water and it costs us nothing, but yes, many people fail to add in the cost of additional water usage.


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