Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pleasant weather for a little "unschooling"

We have had a beautiful day. I made the comment this morning to Bret, "Good weather for putting up a clothesline," and he did! We still need the line itself, but the posts are up right outside the laundry room, where I will be able to watch my clean laundry fluttering in the breeze from where I spend so much time--the kitchen sink.

Una got her work done early today, and the boys were having such a nice time outside watching Papa put in the clothesline, riding the 4-wheeler and playing with the turtle Papa found that I decided not to call them in for lessons. Instead, after lunch I joined them outside on the grass with my camera and some Beatrix Potter, and we read a few bunny tales in honor of Cottontail.

Snowdrop unfortunately passed peacefully away in the hutch sometime in the early afternoon yesterday. The kids take such losses well, having experienced the demise of a goat, a cow, chickens and countless wild birds and rodents. I myself was a citified child and the death of our pets was experienced like the loss of a family member. My children have more of a sense of proportion I think, and are a little more detached--as God would prefer, I am sure. We have no idea what the problem was with our poor Snowdrop, except to say that what we had thought of as docility was more likely ill health. These are our first rabbits, and they were given to us only two weeks ago, so she may have been ill already.


  1. AWWWWWW-sorry about your bunny! Give your other one some yoghurt to up the probiotics in case he is fighting something too--poor lonely thing.


    unschooling days are what memories are made out of--and a big congrats on the clothesline--they have never been improved upon!! I want sheets in the breeze and blue sky pics--later I want pink sockies in the breeze pics :D

  2. awww. i love your unschooling pics. so sorry about your bunny. i know what you mean about pet deaths. we have gotten a bit better, as i am sure God wants, but it is hard for this city girl too. that grey bunny is awfully cute though! hope she stay well. i always worry about ours in the heat.


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