Friday, May 1, 2009

It's a cryin' shame!

Our cow is producing way more than we can use, even with the kids eating yogurt and drinking themselves sick on chocolate milk. I just can't make cheese right now with all the other things I have going on, and the pig was "dispatched" Wednesday, so he is not here to gobble it up. So this morning I skimmed 6 gallons for the cream and--sniff!--the kids poured them out onto the grass!

I wish it wasn't illegal to sell raw milk in the state of Tennessee. I also wish I could find someone who does make cheese to take it off our hands for nothing in exchange for a weekly ration of fresh cottage cheese or cream cheese. Oh well--another two months or so and the pasture will dry up and we will be back to a mere gallon a day...


  1. There is actually a bill up in the State Legislature right now regarding the sale of raw milk. It's passed in the House and the Senate will vote on it on Monday (May 4). You can track the legislation here:

    I think it's very good news. Rep. Nicely has been working on this issue for a long time, and I'm very glad to see it finally going somewhere. You can contact your senator to let them know your opinion in advance of Monday's vote; most of them are quite responsive to constituents' opinions. There's a link on the General Assembly website to find the contact info for your legislators.

  2. Well, hello right back at you!!!! I am thinking I might be able to place you, as I think I've seen you too! At Mass????? SJV????? Your blog is inspiring...the faith and the farm!! So fun....thanks for the lovely comment and now I get to bookmark your blog too! Please, come say hello to me, if you see me again, if I don't find you first! M

    and thank you, thank you for the prayers! we need them.

  3. I was reading a blog the other day which mentioned canning milk - you might want to try that. I think it was this here a few weeks ago:

  4. I'll have to read up on pressure-canning milk...thank you for the tip!


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