Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Is that the sun shining...?


  1. Lovely,
    My husband says we can't move to Tennessee, so I will have to be satisfied with our lovely photos!

  2. Beautiful!!

    The sun came out for the first time in days here too. So nice! Especially since it's supposed to start raining again tomorrow.

  3. idylic!

    I also see goooood butter in that grass :D

  4. Our butter is golden and I'm adding extra cream to the yogurt, too. I love dairying in the spring!

  5. YUM!! You also benefit from the elusive "factor "X"" that is in butter made from milk from cows grazing on new spring grass--HUGE benefits! (thought I would "use" a few more quotation marks this time-they are getting jealous of the exclaimation point!)""

  6. i can't believe that's your yard! how gorgeous is that. and while i completely didn't understand the comment about why that green grass means good butter, i'll take her word for it. i just love all that farm talk. (even tho' it makes me feel like such an under-accomplishing loser). you farm ladies are so knowledgeable and resourceful. =)


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