Saturday, May 23, 2009


Last week's carnival was cancelled because the wife of the owner of the rides forgot to tell him that our little town was on the schedule for last week! In our rural area, the opening of the carnival was the front page story of the local paper, so I sure am glad not to have been in that poor woman's place!

Anyway the event was on for this weekend and so we rounded up the gang after an early dinner and took them to the carnival for rides and cotton candy. Adrian was constantly thwarted, as he is a fearless fellow, but like Dominic, was too short to ride on many of the more thrilling rides. Bret won a bear for Dominic at the shooting gallery, whom we have named Carny, and Dominic was having a meltdown as we left, obviously tired and buzzing on sugar. It was really good to get home!

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