Friday, May 1, 2009

Ah, silence...

Bret has taken the boys--yes, all of them--to go pick up the pork from the butcher. The pig went in on Wednesday and will be returned to us in neat little packages of frozen roasts and ribs and sausage. In the boys' absence it is blissfully quiet.

Yesterday's test went well, but I don't think I will get the results until my next appointment unless they find that my blood sugar is very high indeed. since we were "in town", we ran around doing a lot of errands--dropping things off at recycling, taking an old vacuum to the repair shop, hitting the thrift shops, Lowes, Wal-Mart and Aldi. I was pretty well trashed at the end of it!

I did come home with a nice new maternity top and a few good postpartum items (elastic waists and easy-nursing tops), some clothing for Una and a mini-crockpot from Aldi that will be great for making home-made salves like my friend Marilyn does (in the past I did so on the stove top, but one has to be so much more vigilent!). So it was a successful day, all in all.

Today is busy--I made yogurt, bread dough for the fridge and have a pot of chicken carcasses turning into stock on the stove (need to make space in the freezer for all the meat!) Una is working on her math, and I have some phonics and reading to do with the boys when they return. I am also making a "100s Table" to help Sebastian with his multiplication. He seems to have difficulty with memorization and I am using various means to help him--drills, recorded songs, manipulatives, and so forth. I figured I would do a really nice 100s table since I have more children behind him who will be using it.


  1. I wish I'd known you were "in-town" if you came down this way, that is. Let me know if you have to come down here. We do have an Aldi right nearby. :)

  2. For us, Jordana, "in town" means into Gallatin normally, which is the nearest town of some size. Nashville and Bowling Green are "into the city", and we don't count Scottsville as a trip into anywhere!


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