Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stuff like this really steams me...

This article from the LA Times (where else...?) really irks me. Well, not the article, but it's subject, which is a class called "Spirituality for Kids" and has been permitted in some LA Elementary public schools during the day or after school. Can't mention God's name in a public school, but you can teach New Age garbage and say it hasn't a thing to do with religion...


  1. I can't bring myself to read it...I got so down yesterday.

    On Tweeter I read about colleges rasing funds for Planned Parenthood in the most obscene ways I can't even write them to you. And then I saw a link to a verbally abusive man at a pro life demonstartion and today I was sent a link that shows which local Catholic highschools are participating in Friday's DAY OF SILENCE to support the gay lifestyle.

    Sometimes it all seem s like to much, like we'll never regain decency....sigh

  2. I hear you, Allison. Like I just told a friend yesterday, sometimes when I feel near despair living and raising kids in these times I have to remind myself that God placed me here and now for a reason...

  3. This is just SICK-straight from the pit. What better way to attack the God of the universe than to teach children that THEY are the god. Good thing God is still on the throne!

  4. That program is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Of course, I expect nothing will happen. It seems the world has completely sold out to the grand lie of self idolization. The whole world seems to have ransomed common sense (not to mention Natural Law) for a cheap imitation.

    It is when I read articles like this that I thank God for good parents like you who go to great lengths to teach your children the truth, no matter the cost.

    As for the world and all the garbage in it, we can thank God that His Divine Justice is tempered with Divine Mercy.


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