Friday, April 17, 2009

The never-ending battle with clutter

There seems to be no chance at minimalism in a home with a bunch of kids who, like most kids, collect everything.

But I keep trying. And I found a good resource for ideas here. Have you had some de-cluttering successes lately? Let me know. Inspire me!


  1. Here's a tip--become a SNOB! LOL--when I used real wool for the first time-I hated touching most of the acrylic yarns I had in my stash!--and it was a stash of monstrous proportions--I donated it to nursing homes and groups that knit hats for soldiers and newborn babies--and the wild stuff went to a lady who does workshops in the public school to teach knitting to 2nd graders. Problem being--stashes tend to repopulate themselves without much effort at all!

  2. Good Morning,

    I just found your blog this morning.I have five boys, so I will be watching the tutorial later,:)but I was wondering about the fabric behind the sweater you knit. It would match my girls room perfectly! Is it fabric, or a comferter? Any info. would be greatly appreciated.

    God Bless,

  3. Hi Lori!

    The rose background is an old Ikea comforter on its last threads and about to be converted into a crib bumper and quilt for my baby girl. I, too, am partial to old-fashioned florals for girls rooms!

  4. Thank you for the information! Nice spelling on "comforter" phonics works for me! Actually it's the typing I need practice on! :)

  5. please do share any epiphanies you might have with regards to de-cluttering. it is my life's goal and i am beginning to think that i am never going to achieve it!

    but good luck to ya! =)

  6. I finally got through a whole bin of really small clutter such as marbles and barbie shoes this week. I'm going to blog about it on Monday and entitle the post "Small Things".

  7. I am getting through the "Changing of the Seasonal Clothing" this week, and passing all Dominic's outgrown stuff on to my sister for my nephew.

    With a girl on the way and turning 46 this fall, I am hazarding a guess that I won't need it again. If I do--and I would feel like a medical curiosity if I did--she can always pass it back...


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