Monday, April 20, 2009

My husband's solution to mowing the lawn

Yep, he lets the bovines--and the goat--graze in the front and back yards. It does indeed keep the grass down, but creates a secondary problem: I have cow poop in my yard. But the Great Solver of Problems has a way around this, too: spread cracked corn on the cow pies and the chickens will come through and scratch it up, spreading it out to fertilize the grass.

So, I'm waiting to see how he plans to deal with the chicken poop all over the porch and driveway...


  1. Hmmm... we could use your bovines here at the seminary; the grass in the back field (I'd say yard, but it's literally 3 football fields) is so high it's about to go to seed, and it's too wet for the machines. And the bovine byproducts wouldn't be so bad either - it would give pause to the 20 or so dog walkers who trespass every day to allow their dogs to leave "gifts" in our yard.

  2. LOL! I should forward this to mu husband, who insists that we should get ourselves some sheep or some other animals to take care of the grass.

    Of course, we don't have any chickens to spread the poop around either, so we would have to get a lot more animals than he thinks! :)

  3. As disgusting as this is, our dog used to eat goose poop. For whatever that is worth...

    Oh I love the pictures...Your cow is so pretty. Can you say that about a cow?

  4. I screamed out loud!! GREAT PIC!! I will be remembering the corn trick-may even use it in the pasture-what kid wouldn't love throwing corn around?? A trick we do to keep the grasses going well is to put a tablespoon of grass seed in the cow's grain--planted with it's own fertilizer! :D I am off to play with my new baby girl(OK ewe-but I take what I can get baby-wise dontchaknow) My Doctor used to almost giggle when he asked that question...he was required to but handeled it very well and respectfully.
    HEY-Deacon Matt--how about a BULL to clear the grass AND the extra occupants all at once? I suppose a flock of peaceful sheep would be more appropriate for a seminary but the idea of a bull patroling the sanctity of "his" yard gives me a chuckle and a half-add him peeking through a seminary door and you have GOLD! LOL

  5. Danette, may we borrow your poultry-poop ingesting dog? That would be the final solution to this cycle of scatological events...I think...wait, dogs poop, too...drat!

  6. You could start raising Peregrine Falcons or Hawks. They prey on chickens.

  7. Yes, Michael, but that would likely put an end to the eggs as well!

    I don't think falcon eggs could sustain us...

  8. I am showing this to my husband - I always joke that I would love to shock my suburban neighbors by getting cow so that I can have fresh raw milk. My husband would love to not have to cut all the grass

  9. great photos. great shot of cow looking in door.


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