Monday, March 30, 2009

Outside my window…Dark and 30 degrees (what?!!) When will spring finally be here to stay?

I am thinking…about Una's appointment today. 5 days of steroids have not alleviated the cough, and in fact she had a number of unpleasant side affects to deal with as well. All healing lies in God's hands...

I am thankful for…my mother offering to drive us to Una's appointment today. Bret had a heck of a time trying to entertain 4 boys in a waiting room for over an hour last week!

From the kitchen...Muffin Monday, and it will be blueberry, served up with yogurt on the side. I have to make butter, too.

I am creating…the Pink Sweater. I'm ready to seam it (I hate seaming!) and add the collar and pocket-tops.

I am reading…I have been so remiss in my reading since beginning the sweater. I feel like I'll never be done with the books I've been reading.

I am hoping…that there will be an end to Una's cough. She is now complaining about pains in her head and chest and feels rotten most of the time. A mother's martyrdom is through her children, isn't it?

I am hearing…a little wind outside and nothing more.

A few plans for the rest of the week…I'm not sure if I will be going to the homeschool conference on Friday. That will depend on Una and whether or not my friend Cindy will be able to make it. We always enjoy this as our little "girlfriend" weekend every year, but this year Lent has presented us with penances and mortifications we haven't had to deal with in the past.

The children are...Still asleep. Alleluia.

A picture thought: Visit Peggy at the Simple Woman for more Daybook entries. Have a great Monday, everyone...


  1. What an adorable bunch!!

    Prayers for Una...may God heal that cough!

  2. Dear Lord, please heal Una's cough,

    So she can shake the blah blah's off.

    And feel much better and run and play,

    Now that will be a better day!

    (And that's a great picture, by the way!)

  3. Thank you, Deacon Matt, for your --ahem!--unusual prayer!

  4. I think Deacon Matt is an aspiring Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson. What do you think, Nadja?

    Oh, wouldn't my little guys love to play with that big ol' bunch of boys of yours? And I'll bet Tess and Una would have a blast bossing all of them around. ; )

    Prayers for Una and for her mama.

  5. so sorry that cough is lingering. praying still.
    and that is such a cute picture!


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