Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Not a drop of Irish blood runs in our veins here at Patch O' Dirt, but I do love Ireland. At least I love the Ireland I remember from 1990. My mother and sister lived there for a year and I spent two months visiting (no kids back then, and Bret was doing a lot of home remodeling while I was away). We drove everywhere and saw dozens of castles and abbeys. I have a lot of photos and brochures saved, and many, many fond memories.


  1. half-irish/half-mexican. funny combo, eh? never been to ireland though, but we actually have a lot of family there.
    well, happy day to you too!

  2. Like Carlos Murphy? Anthony Quinn?

    My kids are a melting-pot mess: Bavarian Catholics and Latvian & Ukrainian Jews through my side and Dutch, German, Spanish and Lebanese on their Papa's.

  3. Your picture on your header of Tennessee reminds me of rural England. I am always in search of the equivalent countryside landscape here in the US. Nothing here in Colorado comes close but of course it has its own beauty. Your part of Tennesse looks very lovely.

  4. I loved England (I lived in Bristol for 6 months in 1984) and Ireland, and would have stayed if I could have--but then, I'd never have met my husband if I had.

    I've often thought that parts of TN look a lot like the British Isles--just replace the old barns with castle ruins and the cattle with sheep!


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