Friday, March 13, 2009

The Gainfully Unemployed Husband Edition.

I am writing of Bret's successes this week because I have been lax in just about everything other than meal-planning and cooking. I have not gotten anywhere with my Lenten cleaning, I forgot to make Una a hair appointment, my mending is piling up and I still haven't found a knitting project I want to pick up (my yarn supply is so uninspiring and I can't really justify spending money on yarn right now). I also still haven't tackled my curriculum list for the coming year, but I will be purchasing most of my materials at a conference next month. So I thought that this week I would blow Bret's horn instead! This week he has:

1. just about completed papering, trimming and painting the hall in our house;

2. taken Naomi, the heifer, down to a neighbor's every day to clean out her infected wound and

3. helped me out by washing dishes after dinner just about every night this week.

All this on top of milking the cow, feeding all the animals and running various errands. I really love having him around. Some odd jobs have come his way, and we are hoping that it is enough to tide us over. Our expenses are not great and we can get by on relatively little, but we do need something! I think St. Joseph and St. Anthony have been doing a wonderful job of drumming up work. Thanks be to God!

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  1. it is hard for me to post my "own" successes too. did i just spell that wrong? now i am going to be forever worried about my spelling...since what goes around comes around....
    it is nice to have hubby around when he works a lot. i know i enjoyed mine-at first-when work was slow, but God love him-i was READY to send him back-i guess it is because i feel so outta sorts when he is here, the kids don't stay focused as long for school, etc. but it sounds like yours is keeping busy. i will pray that this doesn't last too long. God bless!

  2. I'm a drill sergeant at heart--I'll only permit him to sit about for so long before I run down the list of things that need to be done around here!

    He shouts a bit more and a lot louder than I do when the kids go over the top--that part I could live without--and he can be too spontaneous for my taste, which occasionally messes up my nice little schedules...

  3. all I can see when I read this is you can find nothing to knit---and you have a GIRL on the way??? Heeellloooo???? you have a fever? wallpaper is all fine and good but get out that pink yarn woman--not just for you--for all of us drowning in camo!!!
    (I am glad to watch God provide work for your man too)

  4. Oh, I can find plenty to knit, and pink is fine with me...but I just want to use something beautiful, not that cruddy acrylic stuff from Wal-Mart. I want...I want something organic, hand-dyed and worthy of an heirloom...

    But I'm on a budget, so I'll get over it and find something that will do!

    This morning Adrian showed me his toy SOMETHING (robot? Transformer? Bionicle thing) and was telling me how it can shoot, stab, maim and explode things (this from a homeschooled 4 year-old who has no TV!) and I was SOOOO glad to be having a girl this time!

  5. i am laughing at your last comment because it is something only a mama to boys can understand...the camo, the violence, aagghhh, sometimes it is TOO much.
    and i can SO relate to the yarn thing. i spent some fun money last month on GOOD yarn and i am going to treasure it for the next few months, only making tiny things because the stuff costs a small fortune.
    i wish you could teach me to know, when we sit drinking our spiked iced coffees-AFTER you have baby girl lovey-so there will be no threat of fetal alcohol syndrome-just perhaps a wee bit of taintin' the breast milk!
    i really must go to sleep. it is SOOO late.

  6. I'm only an amateur knitter myself, Regan. I started a beautiful infant pilot cap twice know, only to screw up somewhere in the first 5 rows and pull it apart.

    If Una wasn't in desperate need of Easter shoes and I wasn't going to St. Louis for a homeschool conference and spending a fortune in school books next month, I'd work nice yarn into the budget.

    We could replace the spiked coffee with Guinness...they say it's good for nursing mothers (especially when the tipsy infants doze off...)


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