Monday, March 9, 2009

After-school outing

When school was finished today, and Bret had finished his work wallpapering the hallway, we piled into the van for a little taste of spring...


  1. Fun! Can't wait til we can do that here -- without the parkas ;)

  2. O my goodness, Nadja! I am just entranced by your photographs.

    First they made me want to stick my toes in some such clear. cool creek. And I too would have been obsessed to capture those mossy tree roots. The pictures of the sky and wagons tell a thousand words...I could just go on and on...

    Lovely job!

  3. OH! I ache for green grass and flowing water!-Even an unzipped coat would help me right now!

    Congrats on your 20 week mark! do we get a half-baked-belly pic??? hhmmm?

  4. Oh, Dandelionmom, if only winter was over! We are expected to have freezing rain tomorrow night...death to my blooming forsythia, to my just-beginning-to-bloom purple leaf plums, to my budding maples and redbuds...

    I hate when this happens!

  5. Poor Dear! I know the feeling-except I have not seen anything even bud yet--we are finishing up with your weather system now--nice and warm behind it--it's already back up to zero here and above freezing by the weekend-hang on you can make it! (chocolate helps-can you still indulge in that or is it a Lenten no-no for you?)

  6. what lovely, lovely pictures. so glad you got to get out before that freezing rain came! =)


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