Thursday, March 5, 2009

1) I have made a meal every day since Ash Wednesday--no chicken nuggets or hot dogs or other gross, unhealthy convenience food! Of course, this means that Gabriel hasn't eaten dinner since Lent began (well, actually he did eat the homemade pizza...)

2) I have something of a menu plan for the next full week, and made it up of things I have in the fridge, freezer and pantry.

3) I cleaned my bathrooms. This has been on the "To Do" list for weeks. They were beginning to resemble accounts of the Black Hole of Calcutta...

None of it really worthy of a medal, but this is Small Successes, right?

Now Una, she has impressed me with her success this week: she is determined to pray two Chaplets of Divine Mercy a day, and so far she has stuck to her resolution. The kids have also dealt admirably with the "no videos and no desserts except on the weekend" rule we have made for Lent. Whining has been quite minimal. And Sebastian has managed to eat everything I've served (unlike Gabe) without paroxysms of gagging.

Click on the image above to share your own small successes this week...


  1. Gabriel sounds like my Henry. If he had his way he'd eat PB&J for every meal - I'm serious. He LOVES it when I get lazy in the cooking department!

  2. WOW!! clean bathrooms huh? nothin small about that one--best place in the world to clean-it's the only place guests really sit and look around! :D

    You forgot to add "put up sweet new header on the blog" great pic!

  3. You're pregnant and you cleaned the toilets...that's big!!

  4. These are big successes! Thanks for your comments on my blog - I have not even had two minutes today to approve my comments - but am treating myself to 5 minutes on your blog!

  5. Actually, Dandelionmom, I just resurrected the old header...


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