Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wow...now THAT'S a sacrifice...

Aimee at The Mother Load is making what I call a real sacrifice for Lent--she is shutting down comments on her blog for the duration of Lent. Wow. We who depend on the internet for our ego-strokes are in awe.

I am seriously considering following her lead. Why? Certainly not because I don't absolutely love hearing from you and crave your approval, but because, as Aimee said, "If there was something I thought I could never do--for GOD--then I was too attached to that thing."

I'll be mulling it over today. Comments are open, so let me know what you think.


  1. for me...it would be harder to give up commenting...I SO enjoy hearing myself whistling into the wind.

    The whole Lent "thing" is something I am looking at carefully--theology aside I see how it is a good thing to prepare for the Easter celebration-heart-wise. But how one does that in a tradition that eschews many things merely because they appear Catholic or "high church" is a hard one. ( I also can't put theology aside in whatever I practise-so....)yeah--now I gave you a reason to turn off comments--to shut ME up!

  2. For me, "theology aside", preceding the great Christian feasts with periods of re-dedication to God and a sort of purging of Self makes sense. Basically, it is calling the faithful back to a state of mind and heart that we really ought to have year-round. Having the Church dedicate special liturgical seasons for certain things helps bring the faithful back in line...

    Shut YOU up? Perish the thought! You are a commentator extraordinaire!

  3. Do you think it's your best offering to God? That's what I am trying to decide...what virtue do I need to improve on and what in my life is representative of that lacking?

  4. wow. you know i have thought about this one even before i started a blog. at one point my comments were closed and then the day i opened them i began a friendship with someone who i have grown really close to. so i guess having comments open can be a good thing. unless you are one who NEEDS to have your ego stroked and i cannot even imagine you being such a person-you are such a sweetie pie!
    i think blogging less is definitely something to be considered, but i for one, don't usually read other people's comments, just sometimes feel compelled to leave my own, but it is definitely up to you!
    happy fat tuesday.

  5. Hey! It's me - the crazy comment closer! ;)

    To be honest, I'm really nervous about closing comments and driving away potential readers/internet friends. I don't really know how this will all pan out, but I am feeling very strongly led to do this small thing as a part of my larger Lenten sacrifice.

    That being said, closing comments may not be the same kind of sacrifice for everyone since not all people are as self-absorbed as I ;) For some, cutting back on blogging or reading blogs may be the way to go if that is what is filling up their time.

    For myself, I know that I am definitely more attached to the comments than to the frequency with which I blog (which is sporadic at best).

    I'll still be popping around whether your comments are open or not :)

  6. It would be a pity not to be able to comment now and then, but perhaps that means that I could fast from commenting during Lent? I do believe, since I enjoy reading and commenting so much, that could be a more significant sacrifice than some other things I've been considering. Thanks for the inspiration!


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