Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's goin' on?

Very little, in truth. I'm not sleeping well, so I am moving at the pace of a slug and just not getting much done.

Yesterday after school I taught Una and Sebastian simple embroidery and they love it...worked on little projects all afternoon while watching episodes of Green Acres on DVD. I have two projects I'm working on: a baby sweater and a little embroidered thing I copied from one of Adrian's freaky line drawings of a monster. The down-side of all this creativity is that my house is gross. I need to do some real cleaning before I get disgusted to the point of being overwhelmed. Well, part of my Lenten journey each year is spring cleaning, so hopefully I will get something done in those forty days...

Are you thinking about Lent? I am trying to put together some new ideas for making Lent meaningful to the children. I guess I will be spending at least some time on the computer pouring over blogs and websites for ideas.

Okay...I'll just slither off to the kitchen to make lunch now...


  1. we're beverly hillbillies fans over here.
    and yes, lent has been on my mind and in my heart.
    maybe some of my thoughts will actually make it to "press".
    enjoy lunch!

  2. We love the Beverly Hillbillies, too. And Andy Griffith. And all sorts of old movies from the days when they could spin a good yarn without the gratuitous language and sexual innuendo...

  3. It's my first Lent since returning to Catholicism after lapsing for years. A bible study I participated in prior to my return still meets at my house and I'm looking for ways to help these ladies understand Lent.

  4. Just made up my Lenten housecleaning schedule last night - and not a moment too soon, I might add :)


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