Thursday, February 12, 2009

This morning is gorgeous...

After yesterday' storms with its 60 mile-per-hour gusts and tornado warnings, today is like a breath of spring. I've told the kids that they can go out to play and that I don't care when they start school today as long as they get their core subjects done.

Doing things like this has been part of my own home-school education. I am a bit of a structure-freak and a former enemy of spontaneity (having children has a way of desensitizing one to randomness in one's life). I have had to remind myself frequently that home-schooling should not be a home-version of standard schooling, school starting and ending with a bell. We need to take advantage of what comes our way unexpectedly--beautiful weather, the birth of a calf, unusual cloud formations, a news event--and use these as unique opportunities to teach.

A beautiful day of outdoor play as a teaching opportunity? Appreciation for God's creation, recognizing that it is given to both the just and unjust, is a good way to explain that our Creator loves us all, and shows His mercy to us all. We have done nothing to deserve this is pure grace.


  1. Agreed!

    Lovely here, like yesterday, however today WE have your wind. I keep hearing the siding flapping off my neighbor's house!

  2. Amen, Nadja! So many children have not one spare moment to observe or enjoy God's creation. Your children will remember your generosity in allowing them these experiences and will come back to their books refreshed!

  3. pretty! Can I come play outside with your kids, Nadja?! Pleeaase! :D


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