Friday, February 27, 2009

I am bone-tired in spite of the fact that I am moving at a snail's pace these days. It is not so much the pregnancy I think (I don't get very big and I'm only 17 1/2 weeks along) as it is being 45, pregnant and having five nine-and-under to school and chase after. My small successes, although getting smaller and smaller, are seeming rather monumental as of late.

1) It looks like I am going to finish the project for Our Lady of the Caves in time to bring it up there on Sunday. Poor Father--he's been waiting ever so patiently for it!

2) I finally have an appointment to get my hair cut--not trimmed--for the first time in 20 years. I won't have it too short, I like to pull it back or put it up, but I am ready for a change and I have the okay of my husband and children. Strangely, getting my hair cut is more nerve-wracking for me than having another baby. I have more practice with the latter...

3) I made my spring-cleaning list for Lent, to begin Monday. Looking at it, I hope I am not being too ambitious, biting off more than I can chew. I mean, I'm not scrubbing down walls or anything, but it it a pretty big house and there is work to be done in every room. Eek.

I look forward to reading about your small successes! You can click the image above to see what others have done this week.


  1. I have lopped off my hair several times in my life. I let it get really long, get really tired of it and then get rid of it. It is so liberating! Enjoy yourself!!
    Elizabeth Doucette
    Oh, Have you considered Locks of Love?

  2. Oooh...can we expect to see pictures of the new do, Nadja?! :D

  3. Hi Elizabeth...the first 14 inches went to Locks of Love, but we couldn't do anything with the additional 5 she took off today. It feels great! And I think it looks pretty good, too, even with peanut butter in it from Sebastian's sandwich...

  4. O.W., maybe a photo in time. I still have trouble with the fact that the me I see in the mirror isn't the same one the camera sees...

  5. i love your small successes. they are such an inspiration to me. you are such a busy mama, you have a full plate! i have yet to post any because i never can seem to think of any, i know they must be there somewhere... i am not that unproductive, am i? maybe if i could just find my list!! =)
    aren't you glad you didn't close comments? so you can hear me babbling a bunch of nonsense! i'm off to look at your silent sunday picture. i just love them. i am an image junkie.


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