Friday, January 30, 2009

So you knew high-fructose corn syrup was bad... bad is it? Because of the way in which it is processed, levels of mercury ("safe" levels, the food companies would interject) have been found in many foods containing high-fructose corn syrup. Here is the story I was reading this morning, and here are the results of a study done of 50 foods, many of them marketed to kids, done by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.


  1. My sister has been suffering with mercury poisoning for almost a year now, terrible!

    For her, she had her filings taken out and that released the mercury.

    SOunds like mercury is lurking around every corner!

  2. What symptoms is she suffering?

    I have a mess of old fillings in my mouth I am worried's only a matter of time before they will need replacing.

  3. sigh...first my it looks like another cabinet purge is in order. I knew it was bad before but thought I would slowly wean away toward other better thigns...and just when I was preparing to tackle the rancid wheat issue too...never easy on the family to do too many nutrtious things at once!

  4. I'm allergic to corn syrup, so it is something that we really avoid around here already.


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