Thursday, January 29, 2009

Please pray for my friend and her family

My best friend, Cindy, just managed to get a call through to me. Living in a media void as I do, I had no idea what was going on with her right now. I hadn't heard from her, but I just figured she was having a really busy week. I had no idea...

She and her family live in one of the Kentucky counties hit hardest by the ice storm. They have been without power since Tuesday night, and it could be mid February before the power gets back on in some of the areas affected by the storm. They run two large chicken farms, which have been running on diesel generators since Tuesday night. Her husband and 14 year-old son have been sleeping--if you can call it that--at the chicken houses in order to make sure the generators keep going. They will be in serious trouble if they lose all the chickens to this. Her husband has to go to get diesel every few hours, clearing the drive each time because they live in the woods and the trees and branches keep falling. There is a particularly large tree that looms over the roof. Cindy says she is convinced that only countless prayers are keeping it from falling.

They have a wood fireplace and a woodstove, and so far their pantry is holding out. The roads are still icy and impassable.

To make matters worse, most of the eight kids home with her are sick with coughs, some with temperatures. They range in age from 16 down to 7 months. As soon as the roads are passable, they have places they can go to get out until the power is restored (except for her husband and son, who would have to stay to mind the farms), but right now that is not an option.

Please pray for Cindy and Dale and their children.


  1. Prayers being offered from us!
    St Sebastian literally sprang into my head -- have NO idea why but I have also asked for his intercession.

  2. Things were as I reported when I spoke to her yesterday. I will try to call later today, but she has only the cell phone and says that even that is spotty and only working on and off...

  3. Prayers going out
    Jennifer Lee


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