Sunday, July 27, 2008

Your prayers, please, for a wonderful family

I don't know if any of you are familiar with the music or the story of John Christopher Knight and his family. Many years ago he had a high paying job in the city and all the things that come with it. And he felt empty. In a fit of inspiration he told his wife that he wanted to leave it all and move to the country and live without electricity and farm the land. She thought he'd lost his mind. But after some time and discussion, they uprooted themselves and found a piece of land near the Mennonite community out here, so they are practically neighbors of ours.

Some years later J.C.K. and some of his boys were at a Border Collie trials and were playing music to entertain themselves. Someone heard it and asked if they'd like to make a CD. The rest is history. You can hear some of their music and see their family here.

Although they have no computer, they have friends who do, and I just received this email:

Hello friends, We very much desire your prayers. Laura, my wife, having not felt well for sometime, recently decided to see an Oncologist to confirm her suspicions. They did. She has a 7 cm tumor which has taken over the cervix and shows cancer in multiple lymph nodes in the pelvic and mid-abdomen area. No sign of metastases to any organs at present. They wanted to start external & internal radiation for 4 wks combined with Chemo for 6 wks. They offer 50 % max survival rate with possible lifelong serious side effects, and 40 % of cancer returning in 2 yrs.
After much prayer and research Laura has decided to forgo orthodox treatment. Myself and our children support her in this. She feels seeking the Lords will for every area of her life and using plant based & natural treatments that don't weaken and disable her God given immune system is her best chance for long term cure.
As our family enters this chapter of our life, which we know will work for our good in the long run, we have a specific prayer we desire others present to God on our behalf:
Ask the LORD, our Creator;
  • to use this illness to make Laura, myself an our children more like Jesus.
  • Pray for God's will be done. We hope Laura's health being restored is part of HIS will, but we completely trust Him, and are at peace with HIS decision.
  • Pray for God to provide the finances for us to deal with this. The methods we have chosen cost only a fraction of Orthodox treatment, but expenses exceed our normal budget. We know God supplies all our needs and will meet these as well.

* If anyone wants to send Laura an encouraging card, with a nice scripture or something, our address is:
Knight, 298 Jack Towe Rd., Scottsville, KY 42164
With humbled hearts,
jck & family

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  1. My thoughts and prayers to the family. I lost my mum to cancer last November and she chose to use holstics and forgo treatment. She was happy, dignified and content to the last and her peace, acceptance and humor I will aways remember and cherish.


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