Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wake Up and Smell the Turkish Coffee, Part III

I have only a chapter left to read of The Sword of the Prophet, and there is just too much to summarize here, and I am not a very polished writer when it comes to summaries and reviews, therefore I will just try to put down here some of the things I read which caught my attention and which I feel show the hidden agenda of Islam--hidden by the media, academia and middle-of-the road Muslims, but not at all by Islam itself.

In the news recently we read much about Shari'a, which most westerners conceive as a kind of moral law, and which the Muslims wish to impose on us Westerners. If that were so, and it was a mere guideline for one's own personal moral distinctions, it would be no threat to the West. But it is not; rather, Shari'a is "a blend of political theory and penal law, requiring the punishment of violators through the sword of the state". Muslims consider it the standard test of validity of all law, and submission to any other form of law is held as rebellion against the supremacy of Allah.
Shari'a is infallible and applies to all mankind just as the Koran applies to all creation.

No one needs to point out that it is a misogynistic religion, or that the West is hated by radical (read: orthodox) Islam, and we know it is anti-Jewish (anti-semitic would be a misnomer, since Arabs are also Semites), but it is not widely known that Islam was a positive ally to Nazi Germany through the machinations of the Mufti of Jerusalem and former President of the Supreme Muslim Council of Palestine, Haj Mohammed Amin al-Husseini. He met with Hitler in Berlin in 1941 to declare that the Arabs were Germany's friends, ready to aid the Reich with the formation of an Arab Legion. He was busily making protests everywhere to assure that no Jews would be released from Nazi-controlled Europe, so that no more might enter Palestine. He praised the Germans as knowing "how to get rid of the Jews, and that brings us close to the Germans and sets us in their camp." Heinrich Himmler rather liked Islam, considering it to be a masculine, martial religion that had much in common with the qualities of the SS. And modern day Arab journalism demonizes all Jews with the same absurd stereotyping and caricaturization as did Nazi propaganda of sixty years ago.

Unbelievably, in the aftermath of 9/11, the most widely spread view of all the Muslim world, even at top governmental levels, is that the attack was carried out by "the Jews", that the Zionist movement and American intelligence organizations planned these attacks, and this was the opinion expressed by leading papers all over the Arab world. If that isn't an unprecedented show of chutzpah, then this most certainly is: the Syrian ambassador to Tehran declared that Syria has proof of the Zionist regime's involvement, and that "4,000 Jews employed at the World Trade Center did not show up for work before the attacks", clearly attesting to Zionist involvement. And the most respected paper of the Arab world, Al-Ahram, wrote, "Out of 6000 killed, of 65 nationalities from 60 countries, not one was a Jew!"

There is so much in the chapters detailing the U.S. involvement with Islam during the Clinton administration that I can't even begin to detail it. Military support in weaponry and training was given to Afghanistan in order to pull the former Soviet Union into its own demoralizing version of Viet Nam. Desire to bring down the Soviet Union and a deep reliance on Arab oil, not to mention an over-inflated national ego, all contributed to what has now become a real terrorist problem here and abroad. Having been much younger, self-absorbed and not at all politically aware during this period, I am reading the events of these years with a sense of disbelief.

And now western civilization itself is threatened. The thought was that the Muslim immigrants would, like those from other faiths, settle into society within a generation or two; that the children of these immigrants would come to worship the icons of Coca-Cola, McDonald's and MTV to merge into the global Western culture. It hasn't happened. And this is because Islam is more than a religion. It embraces every facet of a Muslim's life and directs every motion.

I will leave off with a couple of thought-provoking paragraphs from this book:

"On the Islamic side this war is being fought with the deep and unshakable belief that the West is on its last legs. The success of the demographic deluge enhances the image of 'a candy store with the busted lock,' reinforced by the evidence from history that a civilization that loses the urge for biological self-perpetuation is indeed finished...

"Western policy toward Islam will remain on a path to disaster for as long as its response excludes any notion of self-definition other than liberal platitudes about 'tolerance,' 'democracy,' 'human rights,' or 'opportunity.' " It's time to wake up, America.

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