Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tasha Tudor, 28 Aug. 1915-18 Jun. 2008

I live in something of a media-void. No network or cable TV, no newspapers, no radio. So news always comes to me late, and it was only in browsing a bit on the Catholic Mothers blogs this morning that I discovered that illustrator and lifestyle icon Tasha Tudor died on Wednesday.

I first came to know of her through my mother, who owned the books, Tasha Tudor's Garden and The Private World of Tasha Tudor. Later on, when my first child was only two, I came across a copy of First Things in a secondhand book store, and in my mind the little girl Sally in the book was my daughter, as we looked forward to moving from Charlotte, NC to rural Tennessee.

I have since acquired Tasha Tudor's Heirloom Crafts and The Art of Tasha Tudor. I love her detailed yet somewhat naive illustrations. I greatly admired her talents and her life of industriousness and energy. I was less enthralled with some of her personality traits as they were revealed by those who wrote of her. Stubborn, insisting on her way in everything, forcing life to be as she willed it...not exactly an example of Christian submission to the Divine Will, but then, she was not a Christian. Still, she had a superabundance of fine and admirable talents, and for this I will always be an admirer of hers.

May God grant your soul peace, Tasha.

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