Saturday, June 28, 2008

Du Bist Deutschland--You Are Germany

I grew up in Munich, Germany, and my mother often said that the Germans love flowers and animals (dogs are even allowed in restaurants if they are well-behaved), but are less fond of children. This has become more and more evident in the generations born since the second World War. I think that the war and post-war experience combined with an economic boom after recovery made the German people very self-centered. Children are very much looked at as a burden; noisy, untidy and demanding self-sacrifice. Guilty as charged! But, oh, how poor an existence is one in which a person never feels that willingness to pour one's self out for another!

As I have said to people before, a child is a cross in its most embraceable form. If not for our children, we might never understand what God's love is like.

This video is part of a new German campaign to make Germany more child-friendly. And they'd better act fast. Germany has a zero-growth rate, and the non-Germans are going to out-number them in a couple of generations.

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