Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Musings--15 September 2014

Right now...nearly 8 p.m.  It's been a busy day.  We just finished the rosary and I'm feeling like I'm ready for bed!

This weekend...was very nice.  Bret and I went into Gallatin on Friday to stop at Lowe's and look at flooring.  We are choosing things for the new house.  Would that money was no object!  Then we went to Aldi and Walmart to do our grocery shopping.  It always feels like we're out on a date when we go anywhere without the kids.  Of course, it was exhausting getting back, unpacking half the groceries, making a quick dinner, unpacking the rest of the groceries...I was fairly trashed by bedtime!

On Saturday we went into Bowling Green and hit the Goodwill there.  Still looking for some clothing items.  Then we stopped at the square downtown and saw some great vintage cars.

And Sunday was very relaxing with no stops to make after Mass...I did a little writing, wrapped up two Etsy shop orders and gathered photos for a giveaway we are going to do this week on Frontier Dreams.

Catching up:  Where to begin?  Let's see...Dominic turned 8 on August 4th, Bret had a birthday on the 18th.  Our rooster, Barney, died and Ruthie Weedeater, our goat, had a kid, which we named Louis (he was born on the feast of St. Louis).  We have started out new school year.  The weather is finally getting cooler.  It would be nearly impossible to go into any real detail...

Some plans for this week:  Baking bread, making yogurt, putting up wine.  There are a few bills to be paid and I have to list some school books I want to sell on Cathswap.

If I find some time for myself, I want to...get some knitting and sewing time in and do a little writing. I'm making a bunch of hats and mitts as Christmas gifts and I want to sew up some doll outfits for Gemma, who really loves her baby dolls (she has 4 babies already and wants another for Christmas).

I am grateful friends and family.  I have some of the best people on this planet for friends (you know who you are!), and their prayers and acts of kindness hold me up when I feel l don't have the fortitude to hang in there.  I am also grateful for the fact that my kids are so loving and affectionate.  I get numerous hugs and kisses throughout the day, and that, too, keeps me from becoming too gloomy.

In my prayers:  My friends and their families; my nephew Thomas who has a birthday this week; my nephew Matthew, and for the completion of the new house this year.

Something that makes me smile:  quirky people who drive around with a stuffed tiger on the roof of the car (seen in Bowling Green, KY this weekend.)


  1. So good to read a post from you, Nadja! I've missed hearing about your lovely family and seeing photos of your great bunch of kids. Good luck with the new house--how exciting!

  2. Okay, as I scrolled down, that was not what I was expecting... I was expecting something a little smaller... made me laugh! You sound good, and I hope you have a GREAT week! <3 +JMJ+


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