Monday, July 14, 2014

Birthday princess

Our littlest family member is five!  We celebrated her special day on Saturday with a carrot cake and presents from friends and family.  She had a wonderful day.  Gabriel commented that Gemma's birthdays are the best because of her enthusiasm.  She put on her "princess dress" and birthday crown, had her sister paint her nails with sparkly pink polish and made the most of the day.

With her being the youngest, such banner days are bittersweet, as I know that there are none to follow her.  But I cherish her special days and milestones all the more for that.


  1. Yeah, I dig those shades! Love the last picture... she is beautiful! <3

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful princess!

  3. Happy Birthday to Gemma! So sweet. :) I remember when she was born! We named our new baby girl (born April 2) Gemma, too. It's a lovely name (if I do say so myself!) ;)

  4. It is indeed a lovely name. And congratulations on the birth of your own little Gem!


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