Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday without the Musings--24 March 2014

Right now...I seem to be yawning out of control; in fact, I may have to put this aside until later if I can't stop myself from yawning every 15 seconds.  The weather is clear but cold this morning (27 degrees it was at 7 a.m.).  I am quite ready for warmer weather.

The day I did my last post three weeks ago, we had freezing rain, and I took a few pictures:

I've found this a difficult Lent.  I don't seem to have the strong motivation I have often had in Lents past, and I really have to kick myself in the pants to make sacrifices.  I'm afraid I haven't done as much with the kids, either, but my plan--outlined a bit in my last post--has wavered a lot. I have to get back on track with that as well.  My worst bit of guilt is from the fact that I haven't been spending as much time getting Dominic ready for his first confession as I ought to.  He's not very enthusiastic about anything that requires him to sit still and memorize anything, and I feel too weary to fight with him about it.  It seems tough enough to get him to read or do math, so I'm happy to let him run off after he's finished work for the day or sometimes even before that...

We did have a respite where we had a few warm days.  I made fruit smoothies and the kids had them outside.  It was a lovely taste of spring that only whet our appetites.  The cold returned almost immediately.

We got our largest Etsy shop order a couple of weeks ago--40 sword and shield sets, and they were required for a birthday bash STAT, so everyone got involved.    Here the boys were tracing out handles for the shields.  47 lbs is what it weighed, packed into two really big boxes.

 Green grass is finally beginning to peek out of the ground, and a good thing, too, as we are on our last few bales of hay.  Since I started running, I eat a couple of eggs just about every morning.  I never was much for breakfast, but now now I find that I'm fairly hungry by 9 or so, and since I am not one for sweet breakfasts (I don't care for the oatmeal, muesli, pancakes, baked oatmeal or whatnot that I make for the kids), a couple of eggs on toasted sunflower bread or pumpernickl are just the thing. I could actually do with a few more hens, as we have been really loving the eggs and using a lot of them.
 Just a few shots taken on the way home from Mass yesterday...still getting used to my new camera.

 Hope you are having a fruitful Lent, and wishing you a pleasant week!

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  1. Always happy to see my friend in TN post! I'm so tired of my feet being cold... we're longing for warmer weather, too. +JMJ+


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