Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Musings--26 August 2013

Right is nearly 6:30 and the house is quiet.  Una is up and on the office computer.

This weekend...was very nice, although not terribly eventful.  We did our grocery shopping on Friday, as we tend to do when Bret isn't working, and had pizza for dinner and watched How to Steal a Million from Netflix.  Audrey Hepburn and Peter O'Toole--oodles of fun, and so nice to look at!  The kids always get a kick our of some of the "fashionable" hats women wore in the 60's, and I do, too!

On Saturday Bret was working up at the KY property, and I was home cleaning and spending too much time on the internet.  Happens some days that I just feel sort of lazy and don't get much done.  Usually on days when I have a chore list a mile long.  I did manage to pack up some Etsy orders for the mail, give Bret a haircut in the evening and work on my French for quite a while, so the day wasn't a total loss...

Yesterday was pleasant.  Gabriel served at Mass and did very well.  He was cross-bearer, and when I approached the sanctuary for Communion I glanced over at him and he winked at me.  So sweet...Mass was very good, and I had a nice chat with one of the priests after Mass.  Una, poor dear, spent two hours after Mass working on algebraic equations with a dear man who has offered to help get her over her mathematical stumbling blocks in preparation for the PSAT, which we are hoping to have her take this year and again next year.  Like many home-schooled kids, she has no experience with standardized tests, and so taking it more than once is probably a good idea.

Some plans for this week:  I have a number of appointments and phone calls to make, and I hope to get to at least a few this week.  I have to find Una a dentist in our area, as she is now too old for our pediatric dentist; I need to make a doctor's appointment for her, too.  I have to set up my new school year online with our umbrella school and submit our curriculum list.  I have to renew my HSLDA membership. I have 2 Etsy orders to pack up for mailing, and a stack of receipts to write into the checkbook.  And I still have a lot to do in our school room before we begin school.

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...keep up with my daily study of French (I try to do at least 30 minutes), work on my writing and cast on a pair of socks, as I'm hoping to make all the kids woolen socks before the weather gets cold.

I am grateful for...lovely weather, progress made on the house, the help with Algebra Una received yesterday, friendship, this fantastic CD of music for kids called Cake for Dinner (really, check it out, listen to the samples; it's so good that I myself enjoy hearing it, which is good since I have to hear it every day, per Gemma's request!), not having to take Dominic to the dentist this week to have 3 teeth pulled (explanation below).

Some prayer intentions for this week:  I am praying for a very special intention, very dear to my heart.  If you feel obliged to do so, please offer a prayer for this special intention of mine.  It has to do with someone very dear to me. I am also praying for my Mother-in-law who has a birthday this week.  And I am praying that I can get my act together and ease into this school year not too far off schedule.

Something that makes me smile:  Dominic had 3 loose teeth, all up front on the top.  They were sticking out at all angles, and he wouldn't try to loosen them himself or let us mess with them, and one of them was hurting.  I resolved to make a dental appointment this week with a nearby dentist (not the kids' regular dentist, who is almost an hour away) to have them pulled, although I figured that the loosest of the 3 would probably come out over the weekend.  Dominic told me he didn't want to go, that he was afraid to have them pulled.  Well, on Friday I heard a shriek, followed by Dominic coming out of his room crying, with a bloody mouth, holding all three teeth in his hand!  Apparently his brother Adrian gave him a little unasked for assistance during some roughhousing, by banging Dominic's face into the bedroom carpet.  I did scold Adrian for his actions, but Dominic made out like a bandit with the Tooth Fairy!


  1. Doesn't he look adorable?!! Happy to pray for your intention... I hope everything is okay. +JMJ+

  2. Oh my, that Gabriel is too sweet! Hooray for Dominic! I love the fabulous pictures! I remember how helpful brothers are with teeth.
    We really love Cake for Dinner too - it's one of Eliza's favorites.
    And don't sweat the tests too much- Una will do fine.
    Enjoy these last bits of summer!


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