Monday, August 5, 2013

Little bits and a birthday

Last week was pretty busy, and frankly I've been feeling some blogger-burnout, so I've been a little out of touch.  We had a dental appointment last week, and since our dentist is an hour away, we had 5 kids scheduled for checkups and cleanings.  Lots of fun that is...

On Saturday I baked a birthday cake for Dominic's birthday, which was yesterday, and wrapped his gifts.  He likes to dress up, so he got a fedora, suspenders, a pair of glasses with the lenses popped out and an old pipe.  He also got the obligatory Lego set and an MP3 player.

Gabriel served at Mass yesterday for his second time, although it was the first time I got to see it, as I was gone on the Mother-Daughter Retreat when he served for the first time.  It was lovely to see.  After Mass,
we had lunch and then celebrated the birthday, with cake and presents, and later with dinner chosen by the Birthday Boy himself, Sloppy Joes and watermelon.


  1. what a handsome young man. happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday, Dominic! Such a cutie! And, Gabriel looks so handsome serving at Mass. Happy week, my friend! +JMJ+


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