Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yarn Along--good books and bad knits

I'm back with Ginny's Yarn Along this week...

Last week I finished both Manalive and a pair of socks on the same day.  The socks turned out alright, and I think I will put them away for next autumn, as it appears that spring is finally here.  Maybe I will squeeze in pairs of socks between other things all spring and summer and that way have new socks for everyone come the colder weather again.  Manalive was wonderful fun and I know I will be reading it again someday.

Right now I am reading a very slender volume by Prof. Joseph Pearce, whom Una and I were lucky enough to meet and hear speak at an IHM Conference last month.  It's an easy read, and I could get through it in a few hours if I had a few consecutive hours in which to read.  We've not yet seen The Hobbit movie yet, and when we do we will take the advice of many and not draw comparisons between the movie and the book, but try to enjoy each for what it is.

My knitting...well, I have a long list of things I want to make and with finances being what they are, I have to work from my stash, so I am undecided as to what to do next.  As I can't stand to be in the van without some knitting project, I grabbed some novelty yarn I picked up for 80 cents a skein and began a plain, garter stitch cowl on big needles.  I can't decide what I think about it, whether I like it or find it incomparably ugly. Like the fleece of a sheep that went tripping through dye vats.  I may have to wait and try it on to figure it out...if it is truly awful when completed, it will find its way to the children's dress-up bin.

So--what are you knitting right now?  Knitting for spring?  For next winter?


  1. I love the colours in that yarn, super pretty. I'm interested to see how your shawl comes out - I have some novelty yarn (which isn't something i tend to knit with but it was a christmas present) and I'm trying to figure out what to knit with it. I am currently knitting for spring, and softies for my boys. Have a knitty wednesday xx

  2. Hobbit movie is incredible! Fastest 3-hour movie ever. No, it isn't the book, but it is amazing in it's own right.

  3. I agree with you. Both the book and the movie must be enjoyed for themselves. The movie is wonderful by the way :)
    I'm the same, I always have to have something on my needles :)
    Happy Yarn Along!

  4. I am finding that the loom is a great tool for using up those novelty yarns. A little goes a long way as they say. We also loved the Hobbit movie in its own right but the book will always win in our hearts.

  5. Hope you find the perfect pattern with the perfect stash yarn. It's difficult to keep books out of your mind while watching the movie. My daughter is a lotr lover and was happy with the movie !

  6. I have a few skeins of yarn like that too, purchased years ago, and I *still* don't know whether or not I like it. I think it could go either way, depending on the project. Good luck with the cowl!

  7. Yes that yarn looks like a sheep in a dyer's shop. Quite funny and soft, but what to make from it - a cowl is not that bad an idea, but maybe a vest for a small child?
    Last Yarn along - to which it unfortunately is impossible to post comments - you told that your husband made you a swift, I'm impressed. Could you post a picture of it, preferably with some of your plant dyed wool, it has such delicious colours.
    I hope you finished the striped socks, as you mentioned finishing a pair of socks together with your book.
    I'm still knitting socks for my sons, and like you I'll save them for next winter if I do not finish the last pair before spring finally finds it's way here.


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