Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Musings--29 April 2013

Right now...after 7, and a perfectly gorgeous spring morning.  It is gloriously beautiful, all new-born green and sunlight.

This weekend...was quite nice.  Saturday I baked a cake for the three-way birthday celebration were were having over at our friends.  Baked it twice, in fact, as the first time it didn't come out right.  It was rather dreary out, and in the evening, around bed time, we had a horrendous storm.  I kept trying to sleep, earplugs in my ears, and nevertheless crashing thunder continually jolted me awake.

We went to the early Mass on Sunday, with much complaining from my boys, who do not like rising early.  Picked up a few groceries for the week and headed home, where we changed clothes, tidied up, had lunch and then headed over to hang out with our friends.  There weather was a bit iffy at first, but it finally cleared. Everything was a bit soggy, but still nice enough for the kids to romp outside.  We enjoyed good food and good company until dark, and then headed home with a bunch of happy, worn out kids.

Some plans for this week:  Make a dental appointment for myself; figure out what the heck I'm giving my mom for Mother's Day, make a pair of summer PJ's for Sebastian.  I need to start looking at next year's curriculum, too, but I don't sweat it as much as I used to, as the kids just continue with what they are using until it is used up, and then I order whatever is next, so my costs sort of spread out across the year now.

If I find some time for myself, I want to...finish my current knitting project and finish what I'm currently reading (G.K. Chesterton's The Man Who Knew Too Much).

I am grateful, friends, family, homeschooling, wholesome food, sunshine, springtime.

Some special prayer intentions for this week...I'm continuing the novena for Kevin Thomas through the intercession of Bl. Carlos Manuel.  I received a lovely email from his wife, Lois, whom I have never met, and she is so grateful for the prayers.   I continue to pray for my sister's health (she has noted some improvement in her colitis--thank you for your prayers!)--and for more work for Bret, as he hasn't had a 40-hr. week in a few months, and things are getting tight!  I am praying for a friend to receive the graces he needs to overcome depression, which may help him to quit smoking as well.

Something that makes me smile:

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  1. I have continued the novena as well. Praying for a miracle! Continued prayers also for your sister's health and Bret's steady employment... and for all the family. Happy week! +JMJ+


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