Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Musings--25 February 2012

This was what my weekend was all about, folks--one little boy with a really big cough...

Right is 7:30 or thereabout, and Bret has gone to work, Una is done with her algebra, Adrian and Gabriel are playing in the living room and Dominic, thanks be to God, slept through the night for the first time since Thursday night and awoke without a coughing fit, announcing to me, "I feel completely normal!"  And in truth, he hasn't coughed or blown his nose, and he appears to have no temperature; in fact, he is back to driving everyone nuts this morning.  This is extremely surprising, especially in light of the fact that last night he had such a horrendous coughing fit before bed that he actually threw up.  He was so congested, he couldn't clear his lungs, and I began to think of what I had to do to prevent it from becoming bronchitis.

What we have been doing since Thursday night is powdered vitamin C in orange juice (about 10,000 mg a day or more), 3-4 doses of Elderberry-Echinacea syrup (mostly taken as a tea), and chicken broth (I made up a batch on Friday morning, when Dominic spent most of the day quarantined in his room).  And not least of all, I prayed.  I prayed that all of these measures would work.  Last night I forced myself to stay up and pray a rosary for Dominic, and I attribute his turnaround more to this than to anything else.  He still has a bit of congestion, but hardly more that the rest of us have, so I am delighted.

Was there more to the weekend?  Well, we figured out that our water heater is on its last legs, and Bret picked up a new one at Lowe's on his way back from Mass yesterday.  I also got some new daggers listed in the Etsy shop.  And last night we ate almond cake and vanilla ice cream and watched Mr. Deeds Goes to Town.  Gary Cooper was just beautiful...!

Some plans for this week:  School has been dragging lately, with us only taking care of the core subjects.  With spring around the corner, I want to infuse a little more nature study into the program.  Not sure how to do this, but there is no shortage of good ideas out there, if I can find time to look.  I have some bills to pay and appointments to make (been procrastinating!), and I really really REALLY need to look online for Easter shoes for Una.  I also need to figure out what I'll put in the kids' Easter baskets, as I can't afford big things for six kids, don't want to buy junk and am trying to limit the sweets...hmmmm....

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...get into my shop and do a bit of sewing.  And bind up some more journals for the Etsy shop.

I am grateful for...Dominic being so much better--nearly well--this morning!  And for the fact that so far I haven't seen any signs of illness in any of the other kids.  

Some special prayer intentions for this week:  For continued health for my family and especially for my sister and my nephew, Matthew; for Bret's installation of the new water heater this week to come off without a hitch; for Gabriel, who has his name day on the 27th (he was named for St. Gabriel Possenti, a Passionist saint) and for our current Holy Father and his successor.

Something that makes me smile:  My beautiful, bright, witty daughter...who does not lose the hats I knit for her (unlike all four of her brothers!)

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