Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Yarn Along--and Christmas knits revealed

Current project: fingerless mitts for my young novelist

Gabe's Watchman's Cap

Adrian's slouchy hat

Una's beret and cowl
Gemma's Sunday Sweater

Salutations, and happy New Year to all!  I am back for Ginny's Wednesday Yarn Along, finally able to show you some of the things I knit for Christmas.  Missing from this post are one more Watchman's Cap and another slouchy hat of the same patterns as those above, and the baby hat from my last Yarn Along post.  Everything is up on my Ravelry Projects page.    

As for reading, I haven't picked up anything to read for myself in a while, but I have been reading books from our seasonal book basket to the little ones, as well as some we picked up from the library.  

If I get the mitts done, I will see you next week on the Yarn Along!


  1. Wow your knitting looks really good!

  2. happy new year! Your family looks lovely in their hand made knits :)


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