Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Monday Musings--the Tuesday Edition 1/8/13


Right now...It's Tuesday, nearly 9 and the kids are just having breakfast.  Everyone except Sebastian and Bret either has a cold or is fighting one.  Una has it the worst, as usual.  Gemma kept Bret and me up most of the night because she was congested and couldn't breathe well.  All this in spite of us having spent the last few days taking constant high doses of vitamins and lots of fluids.  Ah, well...we've not been sick since October, so I suppose we are due for one.

This weekend...was nice, but a little disappointing.  We were supposed to spend Epiphany at my sister's, but  Dominic was the first to get the cold, and we decided to postpone rather than spread our germs about.  I'm sure my sister appreciates that!

Sunday afternoon I had a surprise call from an old blog-friend I've not spoken to in nearly a year!  So many blog friendships sort of come and go, but I have managed to make a few friends that seem to be sticking.  It's nice, as I'm in a very rural area and am rather home-bound, so I don't mix much with people.

Some plans for this week:  We are back at school, in spite of illness.  After taking most of Advent and Christmas up to Epiphany off, we really need to get back on track.  It was not too bad yesterday...we accomplished what I hoped to, and by 2:00 I was able to sit down for a break with my knitting and listen to the first disk of Across Five Aprils on CD.  As much as I love reading aloud to the kids, it is nice to have someone else read so that I can knit and listen (or sometimes fold laundry or mend).

On Thursday we will be picking up an order from Azure Standard.  It's a food buying club out of Oregon, and the only place I can get my bulk orders of organic foods from.  The drop off point for the truck is about 35 minutes away, but that is a lot nearer than Nashville.  I am really looking forward to getting my order!

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...finish the pair of fingerless mitts I am making for Una and cast on something else.  I also want to pick up where I left off on the February Lady Sweater, which scares the heck out of me.  Picking up the stitches for the sleeves in the middle of a lace pattern is too frightening to contemplate!

I am grateful for...the fact that the kids have nothing worse than colds; that we homeschool so I can keep my sniffly, sneezy kids nearby and take care of them; continued work for Bret.

A few special prayer intentions for this week:  For Bret to finish the siding on the house today; for my friend Marilyn, who has a birthday this week, and for her daughter, as she tries to discern what choices to make regarding college; for my sister and her family; for vocations to the Fathers of Mercy.

 Something that makes me smile:  Our new piggie, Pink Floyd (Una calls him Pretty Boy Floyd) making friends with Gemma.

Have a happy, healthy last week of Christmas!


  1. So happy to see you posting more often! Prayers for a healthy family! +JMJ+

  2. Hope you are all feeling better soon! Your new little piggie looks like quite a character :)

  3. Hope you are all feeling better soon! So is Pretty Boy Floyd an outlaw? ;-) Love Gemma's Sunday Sweater!


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