Friday, January 4, 2013

Creative Friday: a dozen beanbags

Here is one of my hand-made Christmas gifts that turned out to be an unexpected hit:  two sets of six beanbags (actually they are filled with rice).  My four boys have used these for mock battles (they build pillow forts at opposite ends of our hallway and try to shoot them down) and various other games they've come up with.  The bags are made to put up with a great deal of abuse--double bagged in muslin--and filled with 8 oz. of the cheapest rice I could find.  The numbers, printed onto iron-on transfer paper, were added for two reasons: first, it makes it easy to see if any are missing, and secondly, the bags can be divided for teams, which is what we have during fort-battles.

Since getting these, the boys have stopped hurling the 3 lb rice-filled heating pads at one another!

Join Linda on Natural Suburbia for more Creative Friday inspirations...and have a great weekend!


  1. What a clever Christmas gift!
    Thanks for linking:)
    Happy weekend to you.

  2. What a great idea, and sounds like good fun!

  3. what a great idea. they turned out beautifully.

  4. How fun! I remember making two or three bean bags for my first daughter and how they were loved for many years and used by all the kids as time went on. Yours, of course, are much more professional looking! :)
    I love knowing that there are still some kids out there who can enjoy toys that don't need batteries!

  5. The 3 lb rice heating pad comment made me giggle!!

  6. Your bean bags look really great. My son is older now, but I remember when he was little he was not very good at catching a ball, but we made him a bean bag, which was much easier.

  7. Great idea, I love it when the children enjoy the most simple of toys. The day after Christmas my 5 year old set her new presents aside and had a most joyous time making a "boat" (cardboard box) on a sea (blue silk) going grocery shopping (cleaned out the pantry of every tin)!

  8. These are great! You always give your kids the best gifts. I remember the days of pillow forts...(and this reminds me of Roxaboxen. Do you have it? Oh the raids were fierce, loud with whooping and the stamping of horses! but when you reached your fort you were safe...)


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