Friday, December 21, 2012

Ring out, Solstice bells!

Yesterday was grim; the sky was dreary and the wind howled all day, bringing much colder temperatures.  It was a good day to be indoors, baking Pepperkakkor and Coconut Buttons, watching Heidi and reading from The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  The day has dawned still very gusty, but with that piercingly bright  winter sun.  The children, other than Una, are all sleeping in rather late.

We don't "celebrate" the solstice, but as with the summer solstice, we do acknowledge it with joy.  On the heels of the longest night of the year comes the return of the Light of the world...and that is cause for joy.

Okay, I'll admit it: I have seriously eclectic taste in music...
Happy solstice!  Christmas is nigh!

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  1. i have never heard this song! so fun, thank you. have a wonderful holiday.


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