Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Missed my Monday Musings...

Oops...Monday went by in a kind of a whirlwind yesterday, with us trying to prepare for Thanksgiving, do at least a minimum of schooling, and keep up with the ordinary stuff like laundry, making butter and responding to email and the like.

I don't think that I have to put down my plans for the week--just getting through the cooking and hustle and bustle of Thankgiving (yes, I know it's just family coming, but I'd like to have at least a clean house for them!)
is the main goal of this week.  Bret's work has slowed a bit, so he's working on the house today and has a job to do tomorrow.  The kids and I will have to get the cooking and cleaning done.

We've had very lovely, mild weather here, and I try to shove the little guys outside as much as possible in anticipation of those days coming soon when the weather will be nasty and they'll have colds and be stuck indoors all day.  I on the other hand, am stuck indoors...hanging laundry out is my "recess."

The photos above are just random shots from yesterday when I did manage to stick my head out the door.  Hope you're enjoying your Thanksgiving preparations.


  1. Miss Gem is just beautiful, and I love the looks on the boys' faces! Don't you just love little boys???

    I've tried a couple of times today to read the article you sent and was interrupted each time. I'll try again tonight when things settle down.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! +JMJ+

  2. Those boys are something...as different in character as night and day, and Adrian is fiery and intense and constantly upset and put out by Dominic's carefree goofiness, but ever now and then they get on well. And then I have to take a photo of the event!

    The article is long--but really worth the read!

  3. I love that portrait in the middle! Such a beautiful family.

    The weather has been mild here too and we've been soaking it in. The kids have been busy with outdoor play, and my husband has been working on the fences. Soon enough the snow will fly, though it seems hard to believe in this warmth and sunshine!


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